Guides for Club Executive Officers

An executive committee role is a way to get more involved in a Toastmasters club. New skills could be developed during the year-long experience.

The Club Officer Tools, found on the Toastmasters International web site, will be a great resource for anyone who considers taking on a role.

Have a look for the Club Leadership Handbook. It will explain great ways to successfully perform a role.


The Club President leads the committee and all club members.

Vice President of Education

The VPE organises members’ speeches and helps members along the educational track.

Vice President of Membership

The VPM brings people on the journey from visiting to membership.

Vice President of Public Relations

The VPPR promotes the club to the wider community and potential new visitors.


The club secretary manages records, files, correspondence, minutes and other documents.


The treasurer manages the club’s bank account, membership dues and other payments.