25th February 2016


Speech contests will be held in the meeting of Thursday 25th February 2016.

Evaluation Contest

7.25pm Sargent at Arms introduces the President

President introduces the Chairman

Chairman: Kay Wood, Southern Division Director

7.30pm Chairman opens the meeting

Invocation (1-2 minutes) Melanie Suzanne Wilson

Toast (1-2minutes) Alicia Curtis

Table Topics (10-15 minutes) Nicole Aghabi

Table Topics Evaluations (5 minutes) Margaret Hawrylciw

Business Session (10 minutes)

8.00pm (10 minutes) BREAK

8.10pm Second half commences 

Toastmaster Kay Wood

Joke Master (1minute) Alicia Curtis

Evaluation Contest

Chief Judge Nick Rakis

World Championship of Public speaking Presentation

8.30pm Master Evaluator Kay Wood

Timer Melanie Suzanne Wilson

Parliamentarian (1-2 Minutes) Karl Jansson

Listener (1-2Minutes) Margaret Hawrylciw

Grammarian (1-2minutes) Melanie Suzanne Wilson


9.00PM CLOSE           

All are welcome to gather for drinks at the bar after the meeting. 

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